Halftime Men’s Ministry


What a team does at halftime can change the outcome of their game. We can experience a similar change when we come off the playing field of life and into Halftime.

Let’s get back to the playbook of God’s winning strategies. Bandage up those weak areas. Make adjustments and get stronger players alongside us. Get a fresh breath of wind from the Holy Spirit. Take a refreshing drink of the living water of God’s Word. Hear the inspirational vision of the Head Coach.

Then we head can back out to the next half with a brotherhood of Christ-like men around us, changing the trajectory of our game with a real shot at winning as men, husbands, fathers and influencers in life. This is Halftime.

Date: 2nd Saturday of the month
Time: 7:00-8:30am
Curriculum: (Current) {RE}DEFINED series – This is an in-depth study of how God has uniquely wired each of us. This wiring directly impacts our relationships with Him, with our family, in our work environment and all of life. The study will not only give us a better understanding of ourselves but also help us interact with others around us in ways that reflect Jesus accurately and effectively.

Treasure Seekers meets September through May on Wednesday nights 7:00-8:00 pm.

This is an exciting time for kids ages 5-12. The night is filled with fun praise songs, skits, games, weekly memory verses, videos and more. The program incorporates fun and instruction in a way that makes learning the bible an exciting adventure for kids.

Kids can even earn “Treasure Bucks” each week for various tasks such as attendance, bringing a bible, bringing visitors, memorizing scripture and wearing their Treasure Seekers t-shirt. These “bucks” can be exchanged for prizes on the Store Night which will be opened the last Wednesday night of each month.

We believe that God will guide, protect, and encourage our children with these scriptures they have treasured in their hearts.

The goal of the Nursery Ministry at Door of Life Church is to minister the love of God to babies, toddlers and/or preschoolers. Our volunteer team works to pay attention to the development of the whole child: spiritually, physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.

The nursery is open 20 minutes (9:40am) before the Sunday morning service.

A check-in process is in place to provide safety and structure. Please ask a volunteer for assistance with your child.

The Children’s Ministry for ages Kindergarten – 6th Grade provides spiritual training, teaching, worship, evangelism and Christian character. The ultimate goal is to lead children into a saving and transforming relationship with Christ, nurturing and developing that relationship toward maturity.

The food pantry at Door of Life Church is open 24/7, available year round. This pantry is open to everyone regardless of income status, without obligation or explanation. We understand that there are times of crisis and seasons of need that are experienced by families throughout Door County.

The food pantry is located in the entry way of the church, and is stocked regularly. Items available include non-perishable foods and disposable tableware.

For those who can help, please drop off your items for the food pantry in the entry way of the church.

The food pantry has impacted many lives here in Door County and will continue to bless families in need, thanks to all who generously contribute to its success.

For more information, call 920-421-1253 or visit the Door Of Life Food Pantry Facebook page.

The production team handles all aspects of the audio and video ministry throughout the church. This vital area of ministry includes the main auditorium, children and youth rooms and outreach efforts.

Audio recordings are created from each message on Sunday morning service. These recordings are usually available on CD approximately 20 minutes after the service. In addition, an audio file of the messages are regularly available online on our Messages page.

Streaming video is provided live online for the Sunday morning message. This is available through our Ustream channel as well as our Facebook page. These streaming files are also recorded and usually available immediately after the service on our Ustream channel along with archived files of past messages.

The Worship Team at Door of Life Church facilitates the music for all services. Their goal is to bring honor and recognition to God through expressions of worship in singing and playing music with passion, excellence and help from the Holy Spirit. They are intent on developing the gifts in other worshippers and providing those with opportunities to use their gifts as a part of the team.

Myanmar (Burma)
Members of Door of Life have supported the orphanage of over 165 children in Myanmar for several years. Funds have been sent to Myanmar for their annual Christmas party, the only day the Burmese can evangelize and share the message of Jesus. Mona Christensen, a Door of Life member has traveled to Burma several times since 2002, teaching at an orphanage worker conference, assisting with children’s ministry, worship and sewing ministries at the orphanage.

This global outreach to Myanmar is facilitated through the ministry of Going Global.

Andaman Islands
Door of Life provided four sewing machines so that the church’s widows and orphan girls could learn how to sew. Mona Christensen traveled to the islands in 2011 to facilitate the sewing ministry and was blessed to teach for a widows conference of over 200 women. The greatest need is completion of the orphanage building that is needed to accommodate approx. 100 children.

This global outreach to the Andaman Islands is facilitated through the ministry of Going Global.

Each June, the Door of Life church family participates in the Northern Door Vacation Bible School. By providing time, talent and volunteers, Door of Life is committed to serving the children and families of Door County.

Door of Life Christian Church is committed to ministering to the needs of people in Door County and all over the world.  Locally, Door of Life supports HELP of Door County each Christmas season by providing Christmas gifts for families.

Door of Life Church is involved in the Bridges ministry. Bridges is an organization of Americans living in Door County, who volunteer to reach out and provide friendship, assistance, and helpful services to the international student – workers who come to Door County. Most are here for the summer, but a few come during the winter.

Bridges are sponsored by five churches in “Northern Door”, because they believe that they have a Christian duty to reach out and provide friendship and help to young people who visit our area from other countries.

The services of Bridges are provided for free, at no cost. Their programs and experiences over the past 15 years have brought them many friendships which continue today.

More information about Bridges is available on their website.