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The MIDDLE Flesh – An Exposé

Scripture clearly defines how the flesh wants to do one thing and the Spirit wants to do another. We often think of the works of the flesh in several tiers. When we consider the middle tier, we see that the voice of this tier is conflict in relationship issues. Let’s be willing to take inventory, confront, deal with & get free of things in our souls that don’t belong there – The MIDDLE Flesh – An Exposé.

The MIDDLE Flesh – An Exposé (PDF file)

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The Wisdom Cycle

We can believe that God is still interactively engaged in our lives in the area of wisdom. It is promised to us in the book of James. Reading James will challenge your faith while he brings out the truth about wisdom. When we really see the wisdom of God in the moment of trial, it is powerful – The Wisdom Cycle.

The Wisdom Cycle (PDF file)

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Destination…Jesus – Part 2

When your heart is to know Jesus, you will accidentally get free from a lot of things as you go after Him. When we call on His name and are saved, we get a Lord who loves us and actively wants to help us navigate through life. He also is our Savior who gives us eternal life with Him, and we can eagerly wait for His return – Destination…Jesus (Part 2).

Destination…Jesus – Part 2 (PDF file)

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We can look at Paul’s heart cry near the end of his life. It was a desire to know Jesus. This went beyond the theology, beyond the works. Our walk with Jesus can be like a Junebug on it’s back, working hard but not going anywhere in God. This changes when we focus our hearts and purpose to know Jesus – Destination…Jesus.

Destination…Jesus (PDF file)

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Shelter In The Secret Place

We have all bumped into our adversary, the devil. Scripture exhorts us to be prepared, ready for the roaring noise that we have to deal with. When that roaring comes we need to know what our safe place is and where it is. That safe place doesn’t stop the storm, it shelters us from the storm – Shelter In The Secret Place.

Shelter In The Secret Place (PDF file)

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Trust Walk With God (Karla Orgel)

Before we trust someone, we have to know that they are trustworthy. In our walk with God, we have to know that He is good, unchanging and the Giver of every good and perfect gift. How do we know all that? We read it in His word. We have His word and the cross to prove it – Trust Walk With God.

Trust Walk With God (Karla Orgel) (PDF file)

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I Trust Love

When you look at the heart of God, love is everything to Him. It is central. God gives us the commandment to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and love one another as Christ has loved us. Going the direction of love unfolds love to us. There is a revelation of God that you get when you obey His commandment to love. It is a revelation of believing and trusting love and that it really is the way to live – I Trust Love.

I Trust Love (PDF file)

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Surrender (Jodi Eash)

We are always growing in God for as long as we are on this earth. We are being prepared as a people who are ready to allow the Holy Spirit to flow through us in powerful ways. When we surrender to our true identity in Christ, we can operate more precisely in the current move of God – Surrender (Jodi Eash).

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The Sweet Spot

There is a sweet spot Scripture found in Isaiah 26:3 that helps us get reoriented. It is such a simple, powerful truth that in God there is a place of perfect peace. Even if all the things of life aren’t going perfectly great, we can always get to that place in God – The Sweet Spot.

The Sweet Spot (PDF file)

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The God Of The Living

Jesus corrected the resurrection theology of the religious leaders, using scripture to explain that God is not the God of the dead but He is the God of the living. If you know God and He is your God, you are alive because Jesus went to the cross, defeated the devil and came triumphant out of the grave – The God Of The Living.

The God Of The Living (PDF file)

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Missions Report, April 2019

We are hearing today from our missions team who recently returned from Asia. The team shares their trip experiences, what God did in and thru them along with encouraging words from God that all of us can apply to life – Missions Report, April 2019.

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Exposing Depression – Sparking Hope

Depression is used to lurking in the shadows & controlling lives as a big, dark, ominous cloud that we can’t get out from under. But Jesus delivers. He healed all who were oppressed of the devil, without flinching & without contest. Let’s shine the light of God’s truth on depression & expose it for the lie it is – Exposing Depression – Sparking Hope.

Exposing Depression – Sparking Hope (PDF file)

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