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What Is Love?

We all probably have a general understanding of God’s love. Let’s look at Scripture to see the essence and heart of love in simple, basic terms – What Is Love?

What Is Love? (PDF file)

As Christians we might not all agree on everything. We might have differences in convictions of how we interpret the Word of God for ourselves in living out the Christian life. But we are still called to walk in understanding, grace and love toward each other – Convictions.

Convictions (PDF file)

There is a heartbeat that we find in Scripture about walking out the love of God toward others. It’s a conscious, concerted effort to step outside of ourselves to honor and serve those around us – Empathy.

Empathy (PDF file)

Where do we put our confidence? It’s not in the job we do for God, or whether we’ve had a good or bad day. We are saved by grace through faith from beginning to end of our life in Christ – You Can Have Confidence.

You Can Have Confidence (PDF file)

Jesus gave His disciples a pop quiz: Who do you say that I am? The answer comes by revelation from God and is profound, because it answers many other questions in life – What Do You Do With Jesus.

What Do You Do With Jesus (PDF file)

Our relationship with God is an invisible, faith-based relationship. But even though we don’t see Him, Jesus gave us a powerful reminder that He is always with us. This is just one of the many areas of life where God meets our needs – Loneliness.

Loneliness (PDF file)

In living real life, we can become consumed with “the issue” to where it becomes the center of our life. But we can be still, being quiet before God. This is so powerful because it’s when He can communicate to us that Jesus becomes the center of life again – Getting Still.

Getting Still (PDF file)

The conclusion to “The Victory Of Dr. Spirit Over Mr. Flesh”. Let’s look at how we unleash the power of the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus and walk in the Spirit in everyday life – The Victory Of Dr. Spirit Over Mr. Flesh – Part 2.

The Victory Of Dr. Spirit Over Mr. Flesh – Part 2 (PDF file)

Paul describes an inward desire to live for God, yet still having to fight the pull of sin. We can all relate to this even as believers. But through the cross, Jesus broke the power of sin so that we can overcome and live in complete freedom – The Victory Of Dr. Spirit Over Mr. Flesh.

The Victory Of Dr. Spirit Over Mr. Flesh (PDF file)

There is a recurring theme of simplicity that is found throughout Scripture. In this theme we see that there is no smug,condescending arrogance in God’s presence, and no worldly intellect that gains access to the Gospel. Instead, it is the simple folks with hearts for God and a childlike faith that please Him and enter the kingdom of God – Keep It Simple.

Keep It Simple (PDF file)