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The Victory Of Dr. Spirit Over Mr. Flesh

Paul describes an inward desire to live for God, yet still having to fight the pull of sin. We can all relate to this even as believers. But through the cross, Jesus broke the power of sin so that we can overcome and live in complete freedom – The Victory Of Dr. Spirit Over Mr. Flesh.

The Victory Of Dr. Spirit Over Mr. Flesh (PDF file)

Abraham received the promise from God even before he was fully persuaded in faith. Likewise, we can see His promises to us often before our faith has grown to fully believe. The Word of God inspires us to engage in the process of growing in our faith to believe and receive all of His promises to us – The Journey Of Faith.

The Journey Of Faith (PDF file)

The scriptural definition of devotion time is called the secret place. It is that place between only you and God, not defined by geographical location but is accessible from any location at any time. Let’s take a tour through the Word and explore what it looks like – The Secret Place.

The Secret Place (PDF file)

We don’t wrestle against flesh & blood, but we do wrestle. It’s against stuff that we can’t naturally see – the devil and demonic forces. We can avoid the extremes of devil-consciousness and devil-ignorance, and still wrestle effectively. We do this by keeping our focus on Jesus, living in that Christ-centric framework of Jesus being the Lord of our life – How To Spot A Demonic Attack.

How To Spot A Demonic Attack (PDF file)

There are times of life when we are going through storms. These could be financial, health related or relationship storms that we endure. Sometimes there are aspects of these storms that are beyond our ability to control. But there are some things that we absolutely can control in the midst of those situations – Controlling What You Can Control.

Controlling What You Can Control (PDF file)

Many New Testament books begin with positional, revelatory truth of what God has done for us, followed by exhortations of practical application in living by faith for God. Both sides are necessary for Christian living. One practical exhortation is in relationships regarding our part that we live out before God – How To Love Your Family.

How To Love Your Family (PDF file)

Paul understood that in being an influence for God, there is something more important than the words he spoke. The biggest impact is made by a life that is lived in faith & love toward God and others – The BEST Sermon Ever.

The BEST Sermon Ever (PDF file)

Earthshaking events have shaped history. There is an epic event that is coming. As we live with an expectancy for it, we will be encouraged, blessed and impacted in how we live now – Ready Or Not, Jesus Is Coming Back.

Ready Or Not, Jesus Is Coming Back (PDF file)

There are a lot of Scriptures about loving your enemies, giving when in need and making requests when anxious. It seems that the last logical, sensible thing to do is to obey these Scriptures. It feels uncomfortable, but good things are happening when we do – Understanding The Awkwardness Of Faith.

Understanding The Awkwardness Of Faith (PDF file)

When we talk about hearing God’s voice, most of the time it will be a still small voice, those subtle impressions from the Holy Spirit. Let’s look at a few principles for discerning between our desires, other voices or God’s voice – How Can I Tell If It’s God Or Just Me.

How Can I Tell If It’s God Or Just Me (PDF file)