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Understanding The Awkwardness Of Faith

There are a lot of Scriptures about loving your enemies, giving when in need and making requests when anxious. It seems that the last logical, sensible thing to do is to obey these Scriptures. It feels uncomfortable, but good things are happening when we do – Understanding The Awkwardness Of Faith.

Understanding The Awkwardness Of Faith (PDF file)

When we talk about hearing God’s voice, most of the time it will be a still small voice, those subtle impressions from the Holy Spirit. Let’s look at a few principles for discerning between our desires, other voices or God’s voice – How Can I Tell If It’s God Or Just Me.

How Can I Tell If It’s God Or Just Me (PDF file)

The Apostle Paul gives us an amazing disclosure of his life. He was going through stuff, but he had a secret that kept him steady & satisfied – The Secret Of Contentment.

The Secret Of Contentment (PDF file)

The decision to receive Christ is just the first step of faith. We also bring faith into our life walk. What does that really mean? Let’s let the Word of God challenge us and change us into His image as we grow in our faith for every aspect of daily life – Where Faith Meets Real Life.

Where Faith Meets Real Life (PDF file)

Getting off the couch spiritually and on-purpose engaging in Godly exercise requires motivation. Scripture provides that in showing that this exercise is profitable for us now and also in the life to come – The Profits Of Godly Exercise.

The Profits Of Godly Exercise (PDF file)

There are two ditches, one on either side of the subject of asking God. One side is the issue of not asking Him, the other side is of asking amiss. We are going to take an objective look down the middle of this road to see what the Word of God says about asking – Questions About Asking God.

Questions About Asking God (PDF file)

Even as believers with the Holy Spirit living in our hearts, there are visitations from God that we experience. It’s when He emphasizes different areas of the Word at different times. We can pursue and respond to these visitations and receive revelation and encouragement from Him – Knowing The Time Of Your Visitation.

Knowing The Time Of Your Visitation (PDF file)

We are looking this morning at a few verses that all have a common denominator of hope. Be encouraged & exhorted from these Scriptures – Words Of Hope.

Words Of Hope (PDF file)

We can look at Mary in Scripture and make an honest evaluation of her heart and life. Who was she, how did she live her life as a mom, the mother of Jesus, and how did she respond to God? We can be inspired to a life of faith by her example – Mary And Motherhood.

Mary And Motherhood (PDF file)

Even though we believe in Jesus, not every thought we have lines up perfectly with the Word of God. We need to approach life with humility and let our minds be renewed with God’s thoughts – Doing Things God’s Way.

Doing Things God’s Way (PDF file)