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Promises Kept – Kids Christmas 2018

The kids at Door Of Life Church perform their Christmas Play, titled “Promises Kept”. It is a look at how the Holy Spirit moved through PEOPLE in the Christmas Story. The prophecies He declared through their mouths brought comfort as they awaited the Messiah. We can embrace the wonderful truth that the same Holy Spirit alive in us today still desires to speak through His people.

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One thing the enemy does is to lure us into living on top of stuff. When we try to live this way it becomes a high place against God. But God has given us weapons of faith, hope and love to demolish strongholds & bring every thought captive – Demolishing The High Places.

Demolishing The High Places (PDF file)

It’s amazing that it was shepherds, and not the religious leaders, who were the first to know about the birth of Jesus. This gave them bragging rights. But even more amazing is how they humbly responded as humble people. They heard the news from the angels, went and saw it to be true and then proclaimed it – Giving The Gift Of Christmas.

Giving The Gift Of Christmas (PDF file)

This morning, we are hearing from Peter Larsen as he shares about his recent trip to Nepal.

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When we think of heaven, by faith we are seeing Jesus being worshipped there in all His majesty & splendor. In doing this we are deliberately setting our minds on those things above, choosing to tune in to the heavenly airwaves. Then we are hearing God’s thoughts, His voice and revelations from His Word – Tuning Into God.

Tuning Into God (PDF file)

Before a breakthrough in life, often times there is a stubbornness to keep doing what you know to be true. This is being a diligent doer of the Word while avoiding a “works” mentality and staying teachable. Know the truth, that it has made you free, and keep holding onto it with dogged determination – Godly Stubbornness.

Godly Stubbornness (PDF file)

There is power in divine love. Part of walking in love is suffering, forgiving & turning the other cheek. On the other hand, there are times when love is confrontational. Both of these expressions are the intersection of walking by faith and love – So When Is It Time Time To Confront?

So When Is It Time Time To Confront? (PDF file)

Probably one of the most painful things to experience in life is the pain of rejection. It can be so deeply felt because it is such a private and personal struggle. No one can escape from or be immune to encountering this pain. But let’s look at the Word of God to find hope and help – Dealing With Rejection.

Dealing With Rejection (PDF file)

Jesus said that we can have life. What is the life that He was talking about? Let’s look at the heart of what Jesus meant, as well as the philosophical meaning of life – What Is The Meaning Of LIFE?

What Is The Meaning Of LIFE? (PDF file)

A very profound truth about God is that He is not the author of confusion, He is the author of peace. It is important to remember this about God especially as we are learning, growing and following after Him. Through His Word we can get clarity in any confusing mess – Turning cOnFuSIoN Into CLARITY.

Turning cOnFuSIoN Into CLARITY (PDF file)