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Facing Goliath

Scripture explains that there are things, weights & sins, that easily beset us. It is less work to just yield to them, and to think that their control over us is just the way life will be. But we can face every thing. These things can be laid aside to live in the full expression of freedom that God has called us to – Facing Goliath.

Facing Goliath (PDF file)

There is nothing better than hearing from God & hearing His wisdom. Experiencing His wisdom is better than money, and the Word of God is the treasure of that wisdom. Our hunger for His Word is a barometer of our spiritual relationship. It’s the relationship with our spirit and the Spirit Who inspired it. This is something that God desires for us – Having A Relationship With God’s Word.

Having A Relationship With God’s Word (PDF file)

There is no more compelling testimony in a court of law than an eyewitness. The resurrection of Jesus is scripturally established with eyewitness accounts of those who saw Him, and gave their lives for their testimony. Jesus said that we are blessed if we don’t see but yet believe. If we can by faith believe in the resurrection without seeing it, there are also other unseen blessings that we can receive – Resurrection Blessed.

Resurrection Blessed (PDF file)

The big event before Palm Sunday was Lazarus being raised from the dead. The crowds on Palm Sunday were then recognizing & honoring Jesus as the King in an amazing, powerful celebration. Traditionally the church has since observed the time leading up to this season with preparation of the heart. Let’s look in Scripture to take the time and prepare our hearts for Easter – Palm Sunday 2018.

Palm Sunday 2018 (PDF file)

Jesus came to help the hurting, lost and all who need mercy and grace. This is His heart and character. He has prepared a table ready with all we need. He makes a call to sinners to come to the Savior, and to the children of God to come to the Father. Let’s come & find some of the things He has for us – Come To The Table.

Come To The Table (PDF file)

The Apostle Paul saw & knew something that kept him steady when his faith was under fire. These were God conclusions that we can also know for sure and hold on to. These can keep us steady & focused in our Christian experience – God Conclusions That Will Shape Your Life.

God Conclusions That Will Shape Your Life (PDF file)

We have a natural identity. And if we are in Christ, we have a new, spiritual identity, a new creation. There is a summoning in Scripture to rise up and embrace what has really happened – Your Spiritual Identity.

Your Spiritual Identity (PDF file)

Jesus said to His disciples, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men”. He took the thing that they already knew, customized it for the kingdom of God, and gave them His heart to catch the hearts of men. Today as we follow Him, He will do the same in us and we will become like Him.

Jodi Eash shares this morning – Jesus Calls.

Jesus Calls (PDF file)

A reoccurring theme that we find in Scripture is a connection between waiting on the Lord and our strength being renewed. The God Who knows our frame and knows what we need has restoration, strength and help available for us – Waiting On The Lord.

Waiting On The Lord (PDF file)

We know from Scripture about Paul the Apostle’s backstory, as Saul the Persecutor of Jesus’ followers. Those things he had done could have made it easy for him to be locked in his past. But he discovered freedom, and says some things that can help us – Getting Past Your Past.

Getting Past Your Past (PDF file)